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Impact is a mission outreach to Uganda, comprising the building of relationship between Emmanuel Community and Holy Trinity Community in Masaka, Uganda through visits of small teams of people, sponsorship and financial support, and a number of other initiatives.

Read about some of our key projects below and get involved - we'd love to hear from you!


Major Project: New School for vulnerable children in Uganda

Help vulnerable orphans & children through education in Uganda - Work together with us to raise up the future leaders of Uganda.


Holy Trinity Children's College will be much more than a building with learning facilities. For the students, their families and the community it will become a path of growth, hope and change.

The aim of the Holy Trinity Children's College is to be a school which provides quality education, a loving environment and strong Christian values from kindergarten to vocational courses.

The curriculum, designed to build confidence, competence, critical thinking, leadership and well-being, embraces the unique quality of each child.

Investing in a school changes many lives. A School creates jobs and the income that is generated reduces the poverty levels in the local community.

Imagine if you could not read or write .... Imagine the ongoing poverty that enslaves.
Imagine now if you were given a chance to learn, to grow ...
Will you take up the challenge to help build a school that gives hope, dignity and a promise of a bright future to the poor and disadvantaged children.

 Making bricks for the school.

Making bricks for the school.

Child Sponsorship

Education is a key issue in alleviating poverty, so child sponsorship that provides the simple opportunity for education that we take for granted is a high priority. Lives are changed for as little as

  • $360 AUD p.a. (just $30/month) for Primary education, or

  • $720 AUD p.a. (just $60/month) for Secondary education

Take up the challenge and make an irreplaceable difference to a child’s life! 

Here are some of the children currently awaiting sponsorship:

Other Projects

  • Mirembe Beads

    • Authentic handcrafted jewellery made from recycled materials by Ugandan women.

    • All proceeds go towards empowering women to leave forced prostitution and take control of their lives, restoring dignity & renewing livelihoods.

    • Be part of the solution. The beautiful jewellery is very fashionable and sells so quickly. Pick up a ‘Jewellery Box’ to sell to your friends or in your workplace.

    • Email: for more information

    • Visit:

  • Bibles for Uganda

    • Just $20 AUD buys a Lugandan bible. To date we have been able to send over 300 bibles into Uganda. How valuable it is to be able to read God’s Word in the native language! Contact the Emmanuel office to donate today.

These projects and needs are determined at this time by Holy Trinity Community, our ’sister’ community, in Masaka.


Uganda Immersion Experiences

“Persons always live in relationship. We come from others, we belong to others, and our lives are enlarged by our encounter with others.” Pope Francis – The Light of Faith, 38

From time to time we offer Immersion Experiences to Uganda. The main goal for the Impact Immersion Experience is to ‘enlarge your encounters with others’ by walking in solidarity with the Holy Trinity Community and deepening relationships. It is not a service project as such but you will give your time, labour, knowledge and share your faith with amazing people.

By entering into this journey, you are accepting a call to live, however briefly, as the people in Uganda live, eat what they eat and accompany them in their struggles and joys. The greatest challenge is not simply to give, but also to humbly receive, to be willing to stand back and listen and learn from your hosts. Your role is to share your compassion and to share yourself. You will learn from our local brothers and sisters what faith means to them, how their programs develop and improve their community and about the local culture while taking in the sights, sounds and foods of Uganda.

The experience will include getting involved with some projects and outreach of HTC. Some possible projects are:

  • building at the new school

  • getting involved with domestic and farming duties at HTC

  • visiting and having a meal with community families

  • visiting a prison

  • visiting a refugee camp

  • meeting sponsored children

Email us today to express interest in joining us for our next Immersion Experience -


How was Impact Formed?

Involvement with Uganda began in 2004 with the Bishop from Masaka, Uganda, asking NET Ministries Australia to train youth leaders. Since that time NET and Emmanuel Community have partnered and set up a relationship with the Holy Trinity community in Masaka.

What are the Aims of Impact?

  • To foster understanding and build relationships

  • To promote educational initiatives, including sponsorships

  • To be a source of information for the wider community

  • To encourage practical and financial support

  • To empower lives towards a sustainable future

How can I Help?

The needs are great ...How does one respond?  Scripture says "How wonderful are the feet of those who bring good news of freedom..“ It is exciting to be part of a global vision to bring ‘good news of freedom’. All of us can contribute in some way whether this be done by physically going, or by prayer, or by financial giving ... all are important ... and all bring freedom.

The challenge before us often seems never ending and overwhelming... but we can change the world one step at a time. Hence our motto 'making a difference - one child - one school - one community - at a time' .

This vision of changing the world one step at a time will work because people like you care enough and believe enough that one person can make a difference and together we break down the ‘giant’ of world poverty into ‘bite size’ pieces as we motivate each other to make a response.

Make an IMPACT on poverty. Join us and be that DIFFERENCE.


More Information

For more information about the mission of Impact, sponsoring a child or to make a donation, please contact

"Generous hands are blessed hands because they give to the poor"“— Proverbs 22:9