Since 1975, Emmanuel Community has been striving to be a faithful witness to what Pope John Paul II called a new spring time. He was referring to the creativity that the Holy Spirit has given to new movements and communities to renew the Church. 

As you navigate these pages, we hope you will catch a glimpse of God at work among his people in an exciting way. If you have any questions about our community life and mission, we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to get in touch with us.  

From the Moderator

Greg Shakhovskoy

Our Intergenerational Community

In the last week Marg and I have been watching the series Downton Abbey. The second of the series deals with the impact of the First World War on the residents - the Lords and Ladies and the servants who wait on them. There was a great divide between these two sets of people.

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What's On

Sun 26 Mar 05:00 PM | Ignite Live
Somerville House, 17 Graham St, South Brisbane
Tue 28 Mar 10:00 AM | Prophecy Training
Emmaus Centre, cnr Herbert St & Central Ave, Paddington
Tue 28 Mar 07:15 PM | Prophecy Training
Emmaus Centre, cnr Herbert St & Central Ave, Paddington
Thu 30 Mar 07:00 PM | Alpha
Emmaus Centre, cnr Herbert St & Central Ave, Paddington
Fri 31 Mar 07:00 PM | Ignite High
St Ignatius hall, Kensington Tce, Toowong
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From the Team

Emmanuel Community
weekly devotional

An Attitude of Gratitude

I’m struck by the connection between prayer and thanksgiving, and how easily it can be missed. I remember as a child learning to include thanksgiving in the ‘recipe’ of my prayer – yet somehow it has often become a neglected ingredient.

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